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  • Elevate the international status of the university through scientific achievements in research, technology and education
  • Spread the culture of creativity, originality and ingenuity in various fields of humanities, science and technology to the benefit of Saudi society
  • Create centers of knowledge and develop them into centers of excellence in their respective fields.
  • Initiate innovative research in the fields of water desalination, nanotechnology and chronic diseases which are of national importance
  • Knowledge dissemination in areas of Islamic and Arabic studies.
  • Optimal utilization of existing human and capital resources of King Saud University as well as attract and retain distinguished scientists to benefit from their expertise using university resources
  • Encourage research excellence among KSU scientists by providing them with advanced training and exposure to foreign centers of excellence
  • Improve KSU scientific productivity in quality and quantity
  • Establish and improve inter-university collaboration for knowledge, technology and skills exchange
  • Enable the application of scientific and technological discoveries and increase global competitiveness