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Medical Research Chairs

  1. Prince Satam bin Abdulaziz chair for Epidemiology and Public Health Researches.
  2. Prince Abdullah bin Khaled Celiac Disease Research Chair.   (visit website)
  3. Chair of Princess Norah bint Abdullah bin Abdulaziz for Women's Health Research.
  4. Engineer Abdullah Bagshan ٌResearch Chair for Dental and Oral Rehabilitation.
  5. Dr.Waleed Ameen AL-Kayali Chair for Pharmaceutical Industries.
  6. Dr.Nasser Al-Rashid Research Chair in Ophthalmology.
  7. Research Chair for Evidence-Based Health Care and Knowledge Translation.
  8. Chair of Psychological Health Research and its Applications.
  9. Chair of Vitiligo and Melanocyte Transplantation Research.
  10. Cancer Research Chair.
  11. Glaucoma Research Chair.
  12. Chair of Medical and Molecular Genetics Research.
  13. Medication Safety Research Chair (MSRC).    (visit website)
  14. Chair of Medical Education Research and Development.
  15. Chair of Drug Exploration and Development.
  16. Chair of Voice, Swallowing and communication Disorders.
  17. Colorectal Surgery Research Chair.
  18. Chair of Corneat Studies Research.
  19. Chair of Deviations of Backbone Research.
  20. Chair of Health Education and Health promotion.
  21. Rehabilitation Research Chair.
  22. Dental Biomaterials Research and Development Chair.   (visit website)
  23. Dental Biomaterials Research Chair.     (visit website)
  24. Biologic Research in Dental Health.
  25. Chair in Healthcare Innovation.