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" Nawat"

The strength of any organization comes from its ability to make the right decision at the right time, this ability which is based on accurate knowledge of status quo and a future clear vision.

The research chair program has its own vision in applying the database system known as " Nawat ",which aims to have a unified database in which information can be obtained easily. Based on the principle known in the world of information " Knowledge is power", the program was highly interested in providing the accurate information to administration in order to assist and enable them make the right decision at the right time.

With the ongoing support of the Vice  Rectorate  for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research,   "Nawat" goes on  to work successfully in establishing the principle of unifying information, its security and confidentiality by controlling the powers granted to users (add - delete - amendment - review - reports etc), in away that information is not penetrated or obtained by unauthorized persons.

" Nawat " has been designed and programmed after a careful study and analysis of the needs and requirements of the Research Chairs Program.

In terms of the right of dealing with the data, "Nawat" program has  passed through several stages, first starting to work with coordinators only, then granting the chairs the right of access to data without the authority of dealing  with it. Last, reaching  the current stage that grants the chair the authority to handle its own data and also having the right to see other chairs data.

Last updated on : January 16, 2023 10:57am