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Research Chairs Program of King Saud University seeks to achieve a qualitative leap towards excellence and creativity at the regional and international levels. The program comes into being largely due to the support of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the Crown Prince in matters related to higher education and scientific research. Apart from its stated objectives of reinforcing  its role of transforming the kingdom into sustainable and knowledge-based nation, Research Chairs Program seeks to revamp scientific research system and upgrade it to global standard. In addition, the program desires to strengthen partnership between community and the university; allow initiatives of individuals, companies, banks and institutions in the country to contribute effectively to the funding of the program by providing financial support. Research Chairs Program is indeed imbued with cognitive and political aims of activating the role of the university in support of sustainable development of the national economy based on knowledge,  industry and of course, scientific and technical basis with a view to increasing global competitiveness. In order to achieve this goal, King Saud University has prepared plans for an alliance with other universities and leading international research centers with experience in running  research chairs. It also intends to take practical steps to seek the support of the partnership by urging public and private sectors' participation through investments in the university's relation with  other sectors and institutions of society.

The Research Chairs Program at King Saud University has achieved a wide range of qualitative achievements as can be attested by a significant number of specialized and excellent scientific researches published in the internationally renowned refereed scientific journals. The program also registers number of patents. Furthermore, the contribution of the program in increasing university ranking of the authored and translated books is worth noting. The program has continued to march steadily towards achieving the aspirations of the university and the community.


Professor (Dr.) Badran Bin Abdurahman Al Omar

Last updated on : January 18, 2023 11:48am